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How Stryv works

  • Stryv is your new visual workplace where you'll discover New Ways of Working. Stryv brings the 3D game engine into the Enterprise to deliver rich user experiences. Imagine your workplace has serious tools that capture the creativity of Minecraft as well as the interactivity and engagement of multi-user real-time games like Fortnite.


  • Stryv also gives you a richer and more powerful way to communicate in the Enterprise.  Imagine a fully interactive 3D workplace where complex and detailed information can be easily communicated visually and consumed more effectively.

  • Stryv also allows people to work together in real-time wherever they are located. Imagine your hybrid workplace has a space where everyone can join together, without cameras,  to work in an open and constructive way.

  • Finally, Stryv is an online platform that is simple to access and easy to use.  With a web browser, you can start creating and collaborating straight away.  Imagine your visual workplace is wherever and whenever you need it.  And when you are ready for it - Stryv will support a virtual reality for a fully immersive workplace experience.

Stryv Product Overview
Feature Video Stryv v0.3.x


With Stryv from Interpret Studio, you can easily visualize your ideas in a new world. Our intuitive platform allows you to quickly build and develop your ideas, giving you the flexibility to iterate and refine your vision until it's perfect.


Our cutting-edge technology comes from the gaming world and allows you to explore your ideas from all angles, helping you find the best solutions to complex problems. Whether you're a designer, an engineer, or a creative professional, Stryv is the tool to help you innovate and bring your ideas to life.

How it works
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