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Stryv Project Update

The Stryv project began in earnest in August 2022, with the key deliverables planned out and development environments and repositories prepared. Over the following 3-4 months the following planned deliverables were completed as demonstrated in the attached video links:

1. 3D scene creation (v0.1)

A user can easily create the basic building blocks for a 3D scene. This includes object placement, resizing, colour, and lighting.

2. Creator Features (v0.2)

Support for copy, paste feature for business users accustomed to this feature in applications like PowerPoint

3. Save / Load and Distribute 3D worlds (v0.3.2 – v0.3.5)

Support for local file saving and load allowing users to easily distribute 3D worlds just as you would a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or word report. Includes markdown support for describing the world or providing instructions to the user

4. Design of dynamic interactivity and presenter mode (v03.6)

The design has been completed for a simple visual scripting engine that will allow users to add interactivity that can be activated when in presenter mode. Development has commenced and is due to complete early in February.

The interactivity will allow for the following:

- Allow users to place cameras or waypoints in the 3D world and to transition from one camera to the next, similar to moving forward or backward through a PowerPoint slide show

- Trigger objects in the 3D world to be shown or hidden using a keypress or mouse click. Useful to reveal or change the focus of a scene in a controlled manner

- Trigger objects in the 3D world to be moved or rescaled using a keypress or mouse click. Useful to provide more information for a viewer

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